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Sarvalokaa Education: Nursery Updates

The students are learning to recognize the numbers 1 to 10. They are learning to relate different number of materials to their numerical value through music, craft and dance. In addition, the toddlers learn to enhance their fine motor skills, by gluing and sticking.  Students learn to jump on the trampoline. They build on their balancing skills. Students choose various outfits and do a role-play. This activity helps them to develop their communication skills as well as boosts their confidence level.

Students learn to recognize colours and sort them into test tubes.  In addition, they develop their fine motor skills since the game requires them to pick up the different coloured balls and put them in the right place.




The support of the teachers

Getting my son to go to school every morning is a pleasure for us. As our son explained “…..I am so happy there and I enjoy every minute in the school…..” The support of the teachers has been outstanding. Individual attention and high standards to students is remarkable. It is so wonderful to see him growing in confidence and I attribute much of this development to the way he is cared for and taught while at CSE.

Warm Regards,


Communicate Through Technology

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