Tuition & Admission Fees

Tuition Fees for Academic 2017/18 start from 280,000 INR. For full details of Fees please contact our Admissions Office to arrange a school tour.

Method of Payment

Payment is accepted by cheque to ‘Chettinad Sarvalokaa Education’ in INR. Please submit with a copy of your invoice. Payment is also accepted via direct bank transfer.

Terms and Conditions of Enrollment

A signed enrollment contract, the annual tuition fee, and the one-time Capital Improvement Fee (waived for Academic Year 2017/18), are due within 30 days of a child's acceptance for admission.

If written notification to withdraw a student is received before the first day of school, the enrollment contract will be terminated. In the event, the school will retain the non-refundable Registration Fee, but the person(s) assuming financial obligation under this contract shall not have any further financial responsibility to the school.