Health & Wellbeing

Chettinad Sarvalokaa Education maintains health and wellbeing records on each student so that in the result of injury or illness the best care and treatment can be given.

The school is located within the Chettinad Health City campus, which houses two full-fledged hospitals in addition to medical and dental colleges. So, in the event of injury or illness to students, parents or any other member of the school community, immediate and expert health care and treatment is less than one minute away.


Fostering Healthy Eating Habits for Life

At Chettinad Sarvalokaa Education, we promote the importance of eating a balanced and nutritious diet and developing healthy eating habits.

We provide a lunch service that offers a variety of options for hot, nutritious and well-balanced meals that meet each student’s required energy and nutrients.

The service is optional and occurs an additional cost that will be invoiced on a monthly basis. Parents are welcome to provide their child with healthy lunches made at home.

Parents are strongly encouraged to follow this healthy philosophy for their children both at home and in the food they send with their child to school. Parents are requested to avoid sending their child to school with chips, candy, and highly sugared and carbonated beverages as lunch or snacks.