Director & Trustee

Geetha Muthiah

"To prepare children for the new millennium, they will need to learn the skills and sensibilities required to create and live in a world that is nature-friendly, peaceful and sustainable for future generations. We endeavor to go beyond the focus on achieving grades and personal success, towards creating awareness that we are all interconnected, interdependent and that we have to use our resources responsibly. We believe learning should be a joyful discovery for every student. Our learning approach seeks to build compassionate and responsible global citizens who contribute towards a sustainable future. We aim to shift the focus from ‘I ’ the individual to ‘we ’ the peers, to ‘us ’ the community, and ultimately to ‘ours ’, the world we share."




Ashish Deb

Ashish Deb, Chief Operating Officer, Chettinad Education Division, is a passionate educator with over three decades of versatile exposure in the corporate and education sectors. He has served well known organisations like ZEE Education and GEMS Education in senior positions.


Anju Musafir

A polyglot, author and educator, Anju Musafir is the co-founder of Mahatma Gandhi International School, Ahmedabad. Author of more than 400 articles on education and parenting, she is a master trainer. Anju is currently pursuing a doctorate in education at King’s College London.


Dr. Pascal Chazot

Dr.Chazot, an internationally reputed educator is the founder of Mahatma Gandhi International School, Ahmedabad. A Ph.D in Psychology of Education from the University of Paris 13, he has served on many educational bodies across the globe.


Mali Nandakumar

Mali has over 30 years of experience in the sphere of education and corporate training. She has co-authored a life skills and value education programme for students (Thalir Thiran Thittam) which has been implemented in over 6500 schools across India.


Nandakumar V

Nandakumar V, Director, Datta Educational Consultants, is a well-known educator who has served reputed institutions like Dhirubhai Ambani Int’l School, Ecole Mondiale World School, GIIS, Singapore,TVS MHSS, Madurai, Adarsh schools & Guru Nanak MHSS, Chennai.