The First Teacher

At Sarvalokaa Education, we understand the vital role that parents play in ensuring that their children gain the most from their time at school. Parents are a child's first teacher and continue to have a critical influence over their health, wellbeing and learning potential whilst at school.

Partner With Us

At Sarvalokaa Education, we believe that active parent participation is crucial in your child's development, and invite you to collaborate with our dedicated educators to help fulfill each students learning potential.

As parents, you will receive regular communications from the school via a private internal web portal and will be offered numerous opportunities to become involved in your child's learning experience.

Family Involvement

We encourage the parents, siblings and even friends of our students to get involved in student life. Parents are invited to share their skills and experience with our leaning community and all our after-school activities are open to student’s siblings and friends as long as they are in the appropriate age range.