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Sarvalokaa Education: Our children indulging in different tasks.

Basket ball: “The will to succeed is important, but what’s more important is the will to prepare”.

Children were focused on their task to shoot the basket ball in the net.

Sharing is caring: The most valuable gifts a human can give to others are sharing and caring. Share what you have, care for those you have.

Children care for their plants by watering it every morning. They also play together by sharing their toys and caring for each other.

Expert talk: Children were eager to listen to the expert. They were excited to know his role, his responsibilities, challenges he faces as a traffic policemen.

He was kind to listen and answer the children. He explained children the reason to stay calm and focussed through a story. He also added that as human beings it is necessary that every individual stay patience to lead a peaceful life. He insisted that spirituality, love and discipline are the three terms that maintains humanity.

He explained the traffic rules, the colour coding of the signals and traffic safety that has to be followed.

Structure of Government & symmetry: 

Children research on different types of government and the structures of governments and present it to the class. They also understand rotational symmetry and give a right up on the same.

Mindfulness: Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.

Children meditate to understand more about themselves and to stay focused.

Powerful poems: Poetry is language at its most distilled and most powerful.

Children learn different types of poetry and try to create different types of poems.

Does ‘matter’ matter?

Children were excited to know why does matter really matter, and what matter exactly means.

The process of the exploration is as follows:


Children sorted the pictures according to their understanding and tried connecting one with another and found all the pictures are connected to each other one or the other way.

One of the child grouped the materials that were collected from nature and the others tried the way it was grouped, like natural and man-made or big and small etc.

Children discussed on the properties of each material distributed on the table and came up with the characteristics of those materials.

Children together played a game to understand the position of atoms in all three states of matter, like in solids atoms are tightly packed together and stay close to each other, in liquids atoms are slightly away from each other and loosely packed and in gases atoms are completely away from each other.

Children tried to experiment on the relationship between the solid, liquid and gas. They also were able to understand the water cycle through this experiment as evaporation, condensation, precipitation etc…


Children explored more on the physical and chemical changes of different materials through various materials to understand that a new substance is formed during a chemical change and the same substance can be retrieved back during the physical change.

Finally, as a young scientist, child chose a material of her choice, the marble which was made out of glass. She made a ppt to represent her findings on the manufacturing process of the material, the physical change and the ways to recycle or reuse the material in order to save the environment.