Our Vision

Chettinad Sarvalokaa Education uses sustainable development to empower students to be life-long learners and compassionate global citizens equipped with the skills to thrive in an increasingly complex world. It is also represents the start of an educational movement that grounds children with a deep understanding of the world to better prepare them to tackle its environmental and social challenges.

Put simply, our vision is to develop graduates who will contribute to improving the world around them.

The word Sarvalokaa is a Sanskrit term that literally translates to ‘all the worlds’ - all worlds, planets, galaxies, dimensions, space and everything, living or non-living that exists within them and beyond - all in their togetherness are referred to as Sarvalokaa.

Our logo consists of three layers that embody our vision:

  • The first represents the golden rays of the Sun - the source of all energy and life.
  • The second represents the green circle of the Earth – the planet we all share.
  • The third central layer is the geometrical symbol known as a yantra – from the word ‘yam’ meaning sustain or support – that represents sustainability and prosperity.


When brought together, these layers bring to life our vision of knowledge, abundance and sustainability, to the individual, school, community, environment and planet.


Our Approach

Learning at Sarvalokaa Education will seamlessly integrate different fields of knowledge. Students will develop self-awareness and also perceive the interconnectedness of personal and global issues. Additionally they will be sensitized to widen their contribution to the community, society and the world at large, as well as experiencing the learning opportunities that exist all around them.

For example, the campus has many ‘green zones’ that offer students opportunities to actively engage with sustainable approaches such as recycling, organic farming, rainwater harvesting, solar power and other renewable energy sources. By experimenting with real models in real time, and through processes of discussion, research and collaboration, our students develop into critical thinkers and innovative problem-solvers.